Emergency Medical Service

Life-threatening emergencies

112 (without area code)

Accident Ambulance

of the Fire and Emergency Services Department – ambulance with emergency personnel:

112 (without area code)


of the fire department: +49-211-19222

If health conditions do not allow for public transportation or taxi.
When discharged from the hospital and transportation must be organized to return home.
If transport to a medical practice is necessary.
When a doctor prescribes transportation to the hospital or medical facility.
If visits to medical facilities are regularly needed.

Poison and toxicological information services


Nationwide on-call medical emergency service number

116117 (without area code)

For all patients who acutely suffer and need medical assistance outside the medical consultation times, specifically for nights and weekends.

Emergency Practice Düsseldorf

Home and acute care specialist outside the regular medical office hours:

Kronenstr. 15 (am EVK)
40217 Düsseldorf
Tel. +49-211-98675-55

Central Emergency Dental Service Association Düsseldorf

Dental pain and emergency care outside the normal local practice times:

Kronenstr. 15 (am EVK)
40217 Düsseldorf
Tel. +49-211-15760900

Pharmacies Emergency Information

+49-800-2282280 or www.apotheken.de